Novimat - for high-quality processing

Novimat - for high-quality processing.

Novimat R3 for tape reels with 3 mm edging thickness
Novimat L20 for tape reels with 3 mm and lippings up to 20 mm edging thickness

The IMA series of Novimat Concept machines is equipped from a comprehensive system toolkit to meet the customer-specific requirements:

  • High-quality edge banding and performance through servo-technology
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Few setup operations due to machine design with a constant overhang dimension in the fine finishing area.
  • Absolute precision and guaranteed stability
  • Optimal performance and long serviceable life expectancy

In this way, the Novimat not only acts as a simple edge bander but also provides numerous other functionalities. This makes the Novimat the perfect throughfeed machine solution for quality, productivity and flexibility.

Processing units

Technical data

 Novimat R3Novimat L20
Feed speed*6 - 30 m/min6 - 30 m/min
Constant panel overhang from the chain track (edging included)38 mm38 mm (with edging thickness 0.4 - 8 mm)
 Novimat R3Novimat L20
Panel thicknessmin. 8 mm
max. 60 mm
min. 8 mm
max. 60 mm
Panel width (edging included)min. 65 mmmin. 65 mm
(with edging thickness 0.4 - 3 mm)
Panel lengthmin. 150 mmmin. 150 mm
 Novimat R3Novimat L20
Edging heightmin. 14 mm
max. 65 mm
min. 14 mm
max. 65 mm
Edging thicknessmin. 0.4 mm
max. 3 mm
min. 0.4 mm
max. 20 mm
Edging cross-sectional areamax. 120 qmm with reel materialmax. 120 qmm with reel material
max. 20 x 55 mm with lippings
Edging lengthmin. 100 mm with reel material up to 3 mmmin. 100 mm with reel material up to 3 mm
min. 350 mm with lippings up to 20 mm

We reserve the right for technical modifications and further developments. In any case, the quotation text or the order confirmation are binding. The machine may have been photographed without all of the protective devices, but they are part of the delivery. The photographs may also show options which are not part of the basic model.