The BIMA Cutting Center is the new, highperformance, fully automatic machine for cutting large panels on a minimum floor space.

The Cutting Center has optimum flexibility and simultaneously allows custom production with high productivity. The machine is capable of producing an excellently small amount of waste chips, without additional third cuts on downstream machinery, in a fully automated process.

Advantages of BIMA CUTTING Centers:

  • Economic optimisation through stepped cuts
  • Simpler handling in the production environment
  • Depth cut is included
  • High-capacity with minimum floor space requirements
  • Material-efficient processing
  • Fully automatic tool change
  • Waste size reduction with almost no impact on capacity
  • Automatic size reduction and disposal of waste parts
  • Full automated handling in the production environment
  • Smallest components up to 230mm*120mm
  • Optimal tool lives
  • Work-holding without spoil board
  • Processing of extremely small panel rests
  • Fully automatic cleaning of the vacuum table
  • Angular & dimensional accuracy and repeatability


Type330 – half size
430 – mid size
600 – full size
Tool changer8-fold/spindle
Automatic vacuum
setup table
8 – 10 double vacuum pods
Milling spindle7.5 kW
Number of spindles3 – 7 as required