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IMA Asia wins new orders from Yeh Brothers for the Asian furniture market

Burkhard Sydow, Managing Director of the company IMA Asia, sees  the Asian customer clearly ahead of the competition: “Yeh Brothers is currently the only supplier on the Japanese and South-East Asian market who uses the innovative IMA Laser Egding process including a high-gloss polishing station for processing of fronts.” The company ordered a complete edge processing line consisting of two Novimat I machines and a double-side Combima II, each of them equipped with Laser Edging units. They are designed to produce high-gloss fronts with polished or high-gloss radiused corners for kitchens in the high-end niche of the Japanese kitchen market.

To do so Yeh Brothers, that manufactures electronic components beside office, kitchen and school furniture, erected a new production site with innovative manufacturing technology.
The decision to use the edge processing machines from Germany was clear for Yeh Brothers.
"In a quality comparison, we clearly scored. In Asian countries, the use of laser technology in the field of furniture production is firmly associated with the name of IMA”, says Rüdiger Schliekmann, Managing Director of IMA Klessmann GmbH in Lübbecke. Concerning the production capacities and quality, the new IMA work cell with the solid design and the precision units ordered has achieved remarkable results so far.  A broad range of handling & conveyor systems are planned to be added to further automate the process.