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IMA Energy Box


With the IMA Energy Box, you can significantly reduce energy consumption in manufacturing. At the same time, it makes a worthwhile contribution to being an environmentally sustainable business.

Hardly any machines are used continuously throughout the working day. There are always short interruptions for preparation and post-processing activities, and inevitably leads to unproductive periods. And to prevent them adding to energy costs as well, IMA has developed the Energy Box that can be used with all IMA machines.

In unproductive periods the box automatically switches the machine to idle mode. The machine operator can continue to carry out the usual operations as before. The period of time before switching off can be individually programmed. A quick re-start and return to the previous operating state is ensured by activating the emergency switch, The IMA Energy Box is a useful method of achieving a substantial optimisation with little effort. The upgrade is simple and suitable for self-installation.

Performance at a Glance

  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Improves Co2 footprint
  • Minimises emissions
  • Minimises costs of non-productive time