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Confirmation that IMA’s China strategy is working out

IMA gets another big order from Greater China

Lübbecke. “We can be more than satisfied with the way our China strategy has worked out so far", IMA Managing Director Rüdiger Schliekmann sums up the most recent development on the Asian market. The biggest Chinese furniture producer, Chengdu QuanU Furniture, has placed a second order worth millions with IMA for complex processing plant technology. Chengdu QuanU Furniture employs more than 30 000 people to produce living furniture for the Chinese market.

Already in 2010, the company ordered technology for the furniture production from IMA which was IMA’s biggest single order from Asia so far. As China’s population has experienced an increasing standard of living, Chinese manufacturers too have to rethink their production strategies to change from mass production to more customized production. To respond to the specific needs of the Chinese market in a flexible and efficient way, the responsible persons at Chengdu QuanU Furniture voted in favour of a processing plant concept for batch-size-1 production. The required technology will be developed, as usual, together with our network partners Schelling and Priess & Horstmann. “With this solution, Chengdu QuanU Furniture will receive the first fully automatic batch-size-1 plant ever put into service in China. This is actually something that we can be proud of”, says Rüdiger Schliekmann. The head of the company explains that, since the beginning of company’s sales offensive in 2009, IMA has long become one of the leading suppliers on the fast-growing Asian markets when it comes to high-tech solutions for the furniture production. Several sales and service branches guarantee fast and extensive supply and support on site. The first connections to the Chinese market go back to 1998. Since that time, the Asian market has continuously grown to become a large market for the East Westphalian company. For Chengdu QuanU Furniture, an important reason for the new order was the good cooperation and field support since the first installation in 2010. Another argument in favour of the decision to purchase from IMA was – for this order, too – the concentrated know-how transfer hidden behind the joint solution offered by the network partners IMA, Schelling and Priess & Horstmann. With this new plant, Chengdu QuanU Furniture will further expand its pioneering role on the Chinese Market. Further orders are planned.