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New: Provimat edging machine for more flexibility and productivity in smaller commercial and trade operations

IMA Klessmann GmbH is rounding out its portfolio of machines for small to medium-sized commercial and trade operations with four more powerful and flexible edge banding machines. The highly productive Provimat series is IMA's answer to ever tougher demands for top quality, high productivity requirements and an increasing variety of materials being used, problems that are confronting small to medium-sized commercial and trade operations. The Provimat machines can deal flexibly with the most varied types of materials and switch between the glued edge and the laser seamless joint without losing any time and at the same time it delivers superlative product quality.

The flexible and powerful Provimat 125, 150, 425 and 450 edge banding machines make a convincing impression through their variety of possible applications, superb repeat accuracy and very economical operation. Their maximum infeed speed is 30 m/min. IMA has revised or developed five processing units specifically for use with the Provimat. These include the joint milling and gluing unit, the capping unit for precise rotation caps, the profile miller and the profile scraper unit. The machines can be equipped optionally with a swivelling arm copier SKF (125/150) or a copy cutter unit KFA (425/450) and can be optimized with numerous options such as, for example, manual infeed tables, units for grooving and smoothing or automatic granulate infeed for the relevant application.

A genuine seamless joint for smaller commercial and trade operations

The Provimat machines of types 150 and 450, which are intended solely for the processing of tape reels and plastic, offer in addition the option to be integrated with the IMALUX direct laser system for seamless joint processing. This robust, noiseless and energy-efficient system offers four times the performance of comparable hot air systems and delivers noticeably better joint quality.

IMA has expanded its of edge banding machines for smaller commercial and trade operations with the new series. The user can now find IMA technology for assured processing for all needs with everything from the easy to use Advantage up to the flexible Provimat up to the high-productivity Novimat.