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Seamless edge processing

IMALUX – the direct laser system for truly seamless edge banding in small shops

The seamless edge, i.e. the almost invisible joint between the edging and the panel, is getting more and more popular because it not only convinces through its exclusive appearance but also through many practical benefits. In cooperation with Philips Photonics, IMA Klessmann recently developed a silent, energy-efficient and low maintenance laser unit for seamless edge processing in throughfeed operation. The economic IMALUX direct laser system with a VCSEL laser module from Philips Photonics was designed specifically to serve the low- to medium-end furniture brands.

IMALUX combines the advantages of existing laser systems with the benefits of the hot air and NIR processes, while simultaneously eliminating their drawbacks. It provides a cost-effective entry into seamless edge banding technology, yielding a quality that is comparable to those of high-performance laser systems; moreover, it is robust, requires little maintenance and convinces through its unbeatable price-performance ratio.

The new technique is offered at a similarly low price as commercial hot air processes, but it has a more dynamic and less delayed power control. The efficiency of the system is comparable to that of the Near-Infrared method (NIR). However, the feed speed of the machine is higher and the tape feed angle as well as the minimum tape length are smaller than those of the NIR process. Hence, the productivity and quality are increased whereas material losses are reduced.

IMALUX offers advantages also in comparison to conventional laser systems: laser beam guide or beam-forming components are not required, the energy input is constantly homogenous and the system is easy to use. The HMI (user interface) does not require any prior knowledge in laser technology. The calculation of the necessary laser power is effected automatically. In addition to that, the new IMALUX direct laser system is very energy-efficient: it does not consume energy when it is not operating.

IMALUX corresponds to a laser of the class 1 as per DIN EN 60825-1 and meets UL/CSA requirements for the North American market. The system will first be available for machines of the ›Advantage‹ series (320, 400 and 400L) and ›Provimat‹ series (150 and 450).