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Financial year 2014: Technology leader convinces with a hefty increase in turnover and remains the driving force in the sector

  • Turnover increases by 30 % to 160 million EURO
  • Orders on the book for machines on 31.12.2014 rises by 2.3 % to 80.1 million EURO
  • Number of employees grows to a total of 900 employees worldwide
  • Circle of customers continues to be developed including on an international level
  • Positive outlook for the LIGNA Year 2015

Lübbecke, 03 March 2015 – with an increase in turnover of 30 % – turnover rose to 160 million EURO (2013: 123 million EURO) – IMA Klessmann GmbH ended the financial year 2014. Also, the order books are satisfyingly full: the orders on the book at the end of 2014 amounted to 80.1 million EURO (2013: 77 million EURO) – an increase of 2.3 % in comparison with the previous year.

At the same time, the orders position was also inspired by the project business in 2014. The realization of complex plants for highly-reliable, interlinked production continues to be one of the great strengths of the Lübbecke manufacturer of production plants for the wood-processing industry and trade. Special plants for flexible, automated production of wide-ranging and diverse furniture parts in a wide variety of colour and of top quality were required – and national and international demand continues to grow. IMA responded to this trend with plants for interlinked, automated Lot size-1 production and was able to extend its market leadership in this sector even further. "In the meantime this technology makes up 80% of our turnover in all performance classes, tendency continuing to grow. The current discussions about the "Internet of the things" and "Industry 4.0" push this development on further", Rüdiger Schliekmann, the acting partner of IMA Klessmann GmbH, said.

Business situation

2014 was a successful year for IMA Klessmann GmbH: the Lübbecke manufacturer of production plants for the wood-processing industry and trade was able to increase its orders position in comparison with 2013 once more by 2.3%. Consequently, at the end of the financial year the orders on the book for machines amounted to 80.1 million EURO (2013: 77 million EURO). Also with respect to turnover and profit or loss in comparison with the previous year IMA made a significant gain. Turnover amounted to 160 million EURO and was therefore 30 % above the earnings for the previous year (2013: 123 million EURO). These data correlate with the positive development in the German furniture industry – the most important market for IMA -, which came off better than expected in 2014 with an increase in turnover of 2.5 %. The reason for this was stable consumption in the domestic market and flourishing foreign business.

Likewise, abroad, business operations were very positive for IMA; even in Italy and France, where the difficult market situation would suggest otherwise.

The extremely gratifying developments in the US American and Asiatic market were more than enough to compensate for the deficits in Russian business. The reason for this was the trend already announced in 2013 in the direction of expansion and modernisation of the furniture production centres in the USA and Asia.

Successful major projects

In the project business in 2014 as well there have been outstanding developments. Here, once again, IMA was even able to grow by 10 per cent: in the meantime, this sector makes up 80 % of the company turnover (2013: 70 %). In all performance classes, jointly with its network partners, IMA develops and realizes projects along the value chain of wood processing – from the wood panel through to finished furniture.

"The last year has also confirmed development in this direction", Rüdiger Schliekmann stated, "many customers, who in the past manufactured, above all, on stand-alone machines,  ordered whole production plants from us in 2014 – including such well-known names as Schüller Möbelwerk KG, Nobilia, Häcker Küchen GmbH or Alf Italy. Therefore, our customers are confirming their confidence in IMA – especially with the highly reliable realization of complex plants and major projects."

At the same time, in the meantime, each second plant supplied is fitted with zero joint laser technology. "The zero joint is standard today in the sector", Schliekmann said, "and IMA, which developed this technology and offered it to its customers for the first time in 2008, is still the trendsetter in this field."

Industry 4.0

A decisive topic for IMA and the wood processing and furniture industry in 2014 was "Industry 4.0" and the paradigm change away from central factory management to decentralised, modular-type management with the inclusion of product data. IMA works with its partners, Nobilia und Beckhoff Automation, in the frame of the peak cluster east Westphalian-Lippe on the development of intelligent technical systems for the realization of self-learning and self-controlling processes in the meaning of Industry 4.0. The fully interlinked and automated Lot size-1 production with self-optimising plant components is at the same time a decisive step in this direction.

The workforce is growing

The positive business development is also reflected in the number of IMA employees: the number of employees rose worldwide by 54 to in total 900 employees, of which 735 were employed at the Lübbecke location. With 18 new trainees the number of apprentices is in total 72 and therefore slightly above the level of the previous year. This year as well two IMA trainees ranked among the best in their year group and received an award from the Chamber of Commerce and the WAGO Foundation.

Outlook 2015: New partner for the IMA Network

2015 is a LIGNA Year. At this worldwide most important sector trade fair for the wood-processing and furniture industry IMA showcases itself traditionally together with its network partners, Priess and Horstmann and Schelling in the IMA network in two exhibition stands with a total of almost 3,000 square metres. This year the IMA Network presents a new partner. It will complete the process chain.

The innovations displayed by IMA on the occasion of the LIGNA include amongst others, additional processing sizes for the flexible cutting machine, Performance.cut, new edge banding machines, new post processing units and an alternative zero joint process.

"The LIGNA is an important driving force for the market. It improves the buying mood of the customers and stimulates our business", Rüdiger Schliekmann said. He is counting on an increase in incoming orders during the LIGNA Year. He is looking confidently into the future due to the orders on the book with which IMA started the current financial year, despite the current political crises and the expected weak worldwide economic growth in 2015.