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Made for the future – IMA presents its processing plants for fully automatic production with high process security and a world novelty

Industry 4.0 and fully automatic batch-size-1 production with high process security are the central topics at the LIGNA booth of the IMA Network in Hall 26. Here IMA Klessmann  is showing numerous  novelties as part of a fully automated closed loop circular edge processing cell for batch-size-1 production – including the revised Performance.CUT cutting centre, the Performance.sort sorting device as well as a Novimat edge bander with laser system.  Moreover IMA is exhibiting the new BIMA Gx50/E/L work centre with combination laser unit enabling a manual change between the conventional hot-melt glue method and modern Laser Edging technology.  Another highlight is the introduction to IMA’s new partner company WoodDevelop.  In Hall 11, the Lübbecke based manufacturer of single machines and integrated lines for the woodworking industry is concentrating on technologies for ambitious small business owners and shopfitters.  Here the focus is on the new edge banding machines of the Provimat series and a world novelty:  the IMALUX direct laser system for throughfeed machines was developed in cooperation with Philips Photonics.  It offers a unique price-performance ratio and is designed to serve the low- to medium-end furniture brands.


Developed for a leading Belgium manufacturer of kitchen furniture – presented at the LIGNA

It is not only much bigger than that shown two years ago – the exhibited batch-size-1 production of the IMA Network is also the concept of a real production line.  The work cell consists of:

  • a Schelling panel storage area (not exhibited at the LIGNA),
  • a flexible Performance.CUT cutting centre,
  • a 20-storey vertical buffer conveyor for compensating for differences in capacity (first in/last out principle – not exhibited at the LIGNA),
  • a vacuum feeder and repositioning device,
  • a Novimat edge bander with diode laser system and automatic change between gluing and seamless edge technology,
  • a repositioning gantry and another IMA vertical buffer conveyor  for the intermediate conveyor system,
  • a Performance.sort sorting device with robot and sorting concept,
  • a material buffer for the assembly line with downstream hedgehog conveyor (Priess & Horstmann, both of them not exhibited at the LIGNA) and
  • a Priess & Horstmann carcase assembly line.

Maximum workpiece quality for edge processing and fine finishing

A combination laser unit enabling a manual change between the conventional hot-melt glue method and modern Laser Edging technology is the centrepiece of the new BIMA Gx50/E/L work centre.  Here a specific innovation has been specially developed only for IMA: the Laser process is monitored using a fixed-mounted infrared camera.

With the AEK Multiple Tool, IMA has designed a new fine finishing unit for the edge fine finishing operations on the BIMA Gx50/E/L as well as on all other machines of the BIMA series bigger than Cx40. It can perform the flush milling, profile scraping and flat scraping operations for up to three different radii with only one tool change.  Furthermore it is automatically adjustable: The parameters for the AEK Multiple Tool can be saved with the part program or automatically be adapted to the measured values using an optional tape thickness measurement.  The new unit expands the existing product portfolio.

IMALUX: a world novelty for small shop owners

In Hall 11, IMA presents a world novelty: IMALUX is a direct laser system for seamless edge banding. This silent and energy-efficient system is four times more efficient and provides better quality than, for example, comparable hot air systems for seamless edge banding. IMALUX was developed in cooperation with Philips Photonics, especially for use in small and medium shops. It is simple to use and offers an excellent price-performance ratio. At the LIGNA 2015, IMALUX is presented on an Advantage 400 L.

The Provimat series of edge banding machines was also developed specifically for small businesses and shopfitting companies. It opens up new dimensions in flexibility, efficiency and part quality. Hence great variety of materials, increasing demands and high productivity are no longer a contradiction. The Provimat series provides a multitude of application possibilities and an excellent repeatability.

The Provimat 125/Provimat 150 series stands out with its high feed speed of 30 m/min for longitudinal processing. The edge banding unit of the Provimat 125 can process coiled materials and lippings. The Provimat 150 has a laser edge banding unit for coiled materials. Moreover the spare location at the outfeed of every machine allows the use of a grooving unit without inhibiting the quality of work.

The Provimat 425/Provimat 450 series has the same capabilities plus the possibility to choose between four profiles, and it uses the IMA ›KFA ‹ contour milling unit for perfect multi-profile processing in conjunction with the contour trimming operation. An optional tape magazine with up to twelve stock positions makes the Provimat 425/Provimat 450 extremely flexible. Whether you’re running batch-size-1 or mass production – the machine sets itself up at the press of a button. In this process, the ICOS-Expert user interface and the 21 inch touch screen monitor allow the operator within seconds to make the machine perform any required machining on the workpiece.

WoodDevelop – the new cooperation partner

With the French software company WoodDevelop (WD), the IMA Network presents a new partner at the LIGNA, and this unique combination reflects the entire process chain of furniture production. WD is a specialist for the development of customer-specific furniture configuration software for the woodworking industry: within a few minutes a furniture component can be configured on the PC and the data be transferred directly to the processing plant. „This new software allows us to reflect the entire process chain: from the webshop through configuration to dispatch,” IMA Managing Director Rüdiger Schliekmann explains.

The WD product range includes easy-to-use software solutions for the sale, planning, configuration, CAD-CAM, ERP and MES of furniture. WD products range from easy-to-use software solutions for the sale, planning, configuration, CAD-CAM, ERP and MES of furniture.

That means WD provides crucial tools for the implementation of Industry 4.0.