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New Accredited Service Center in the Seattle Area

IMA America Announces Their New Accredited Service Center in the Seattle Area—Goulet Machinery Repair LLC

IMA America is proud to announce Goulet Machinery Repair LLC as an IMA America Accredited Service Center for the Seattle, Washington area.  Goulet Machinery is owned and operated by David Goulet.  David has over 26 years of experience in the woodworking machinery industry. 

Guenter Kahse, Service Manager of IMA America, says, “We trust that Goulet Machinery will provide peace of mind for our Seattle area customers by providing local technician presence, in combination with full support and resources of the service departments of IMA America, including a well-stocked parts department, hotline support, and after-hours support.”

WMS in Toronto

IMA/Schelling Set to Exhibit Together at WMS in Toronto this Fall

IMA Canada and Schelling, debuting “The Canadian Alliance,” are set to exhibit together for the first time at the 2013 Woodworking Machinery and Supply Expo in Toronto on October 24-26.

“IMA and Schelling have been and will be committed to the Canadian market in both the good times and the bad, and we‘re proud to be showcasing our technology and equipment during this strong recovery of our industry,” says Murat Dogan, IMA Canada President.

The Canadian Alliance will exhibit some of their newest advancements in the industry at WMS 2013. A Schelling FH 4 saw will be showcased, featuring applications for millwork shops, as well as an IMA Advantage 500 edgebander focusing on high gloss panel processing. Both machines will be running to give visitors the full impact of the efficiency IMA and Schelling have to offer.

IMA Canada and Schelling will be located in booth 5360. For more information regarding IMA and Schelling, please visit For more information about WMS 2013, please visit

Westeck Innovation

IMA/Schelling Announce Their New Accredited Service Center in B.C. - Westeck Innovation

Schelling and IMA are proud to announce Westeck Innovation as an IMA/Schelling Accredited Service Center for the British Columbia area. Westeck Innovation is owned and operated by Kevin Goldman. Kevin has over 23 years of experience in the woodworking machinery industry and has been servicing IMA and Schelling equipment in B.C. for almost a decade.

Murat Dogan, the President of IMA/Schelling Canada, says, "We trust that our local accredited service center will provide peace of mind for our B.C. customers by providing local technician presence, in combination with full support and resources of the service departments of IMA/Schelling North America, including a well-stocked parts department, hotline support, and after-hours support."

To schedule a service visit, please call Schelling Service Manager Eric Trumps at 919-544-0430 or IMA Service Manager Guenter Kahse at 905-565-0001.

Schenk Architectural Imports invested in an IMA laser edgebander

Schenk Architectural Imports uses IMA’s Laser Edgebanding Technology to Meet Customer Demands

Schenk Architectural Imports, located in Alberta, Canada invested in an IMA laser edgebander to meet the demands of their growing market.  Karl Schenk, president, explains, “Incorporating the IMA laser technology into our production puts Schenk at the leading edge of panel processing and finishing in North America. In particular, the quality of our high gloss cabinet doors and fascias is unsurpassed due to the seamless joining of edge material to the decorative panel. Using IMA technology, we have the ability to make the finest of adjustments with absolute precision for profiling the edges and corners of our panels. This gives our products the highest level of finish possible. IMA Laser technology also provides a very durable joint with high heat, moisture and bacterial resistance which add additional value to our finished products.”

IMA is proud to be working with Schenk Architectural Imports LTD. and is happy to announce the expansion of their innovative laser edgebanding technology into the North American market. Although IMA has an installed base of hundreds of customers around the world, this is IMA’s first laser edgebander installation in North America. IMA was the first company to introduce laser edgebanding in the industry and has been actively involved in building laser edgebanders since 2006. Schenk Architectural Imports Ltd. has been working directly with IMA Canada in Mississauga, ON on their laser edgebander project. For more information on Schenk Architectural Imports Ltd., please contact Karl Schenk atKarl(at)

IMA performance one

Performance One – Perfect panel infeed ensures economic success with batch-size 1

Any furniture manufacturer who wants to be ahead of its industry on a global basis needs above all a reliable partner for the development of the right production processes and systems. Because what counts here is only flexibility and speed, combined with great demands placed on the quality of every single work step.

The machine-based production of furniture components is undergoing a constant change which responds to the individual needs of the customer and hence requires a particularly flexible production process. In this respect, investment in innovative and sustainable technology that is fit for the future is the key to long-term success in this industry. enables batch-size-1 production without any great complexity
With, IMA has developed a highly sophisticated automation solution for flexible batch-size-1 production that requires a minimum on personnel and sets completely new standards in terms of flexibility.

The fabrication of furniture components is dominated by small batch sizes intended to meet high quality standards. In this process, complete processing on one machine substantially reduces setup and machining times.

Shorter production cycles as well as more and more complex products have made this development necessary. In order to be able to achieve efficient and competitive production under these conditions, production processes need to be oriented towards this goal. The made by IMA is a modular and future-proof machine concept for panel sizing and edge banding machines of the Novimat and Combima types relying on the most advanced equipment, the latest technology available and an operator-friendly design. Hence, batch-size-1 production is becoming possible without the need to make large investments and without requiring much setup.

Press release for IWF 2012 // BIMA Showcase

IMA America is proud to announce that the company will exhibit two of its
heavy-duty industrial machines at this year's IWF show.

For the first time in North America, IMA America will display and demonstrate its heavy-duty BIMA 400 V CNC-machining center for routing, edgebanding and finishing of irregular shaped panels.

One of the main features on display will be the ability of the machine to edgeband lightweight panels. Furthermore, IMA America will demonstrate the Novimat Contour CNC-controlled edgebanding machine—the heaviest and most reliable edgebander available in North America.

IMA America is a proud member of the American Alliance and can be found
together with their alliance partner Schelling America in booth 6446 and 6434.

Schelling America and IMA Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries with Fall Event in Raleigh, NC

To celebrate Schelling America’s 25th anniversary and IMA Germany’s 60th anniversary, Schelling America and IMA America will be hosting an Open House on November 10th and 11th in Raleigh, N.C. The event will include seminars, demonstrations, discussions, food, drinks, live music, door prizes and much more. The event will also showcase IMA’s new plasma edgebanding technology as well as Schelling’s latest Duplus cutting solutions. Schelling America and IMA are combining forces with several industry partners to host the event, including Koch Machinery, EuroSoft, Leuco Tool Corp., Jowat Adhesives, Rehau and Plasmatreat.

If you wish to attend the anniversary celebration, please RSVP via mail or our website. Your RSVP will enter you for a chance to win an iPad 2, iPod Touch or iPod Nano.

If you have any questions or would like to request additional information, please contact Virginia Hoskins.


Virginia Hoskins
PO Box 80367
Raleigh, NC 27623

E-Mail: virginia.hoskins(at)