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Perfect high gloss edges in stationary technology


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  • Glossary:
  • Production of counter tops

    Production of counter tops

    IMA gantry machining centres (CNC machining centres) combine perfect edge banding, complete removal of residual parts of the panel as well as an almost unlimited supply of edging materials in a system that requires extremely little floor space. Even when batch volumes as low as one are produced, these high-performance installations guarantee production rates that used to be realistic with large batch production only.

  • Drilling technology

    Drilling technology

    The new innovative ›IMAGIC‹ drilling system – the solution for highly-flexible, efficient drilling processes.
    Whether they are part of an integrated line or configured as an independent work cell with fully automated feeder & stacker or manual panel loading & removal, the IMA throughfeed drilling machines can be integrated as a value-adding link into almost all customized processes of your shop production.
    These machines can be found in the industrial production of living furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture and office furniture as well as in the component supply industry.

  • Custom production

    Custom production

    IMA solutions for custom production - New degrees of freedom in the manufacturing optimisation.
    Proven know-how, valuable experience gained over many years and a large number of satisfied customers have made IMA a worldwide leading manufacturer of flexible and powerful woodworking systems, designed specifically for custom production. 
    In the field of integrated lines for the fabrication of furniture components, IMA designers focus on the development of highly efficient and, most of all, individual system solutions – both for large batch production and custom production of batch volumes as low as one: this minimizes the spacing between parts and increases capacity – from the sizing station directly to final assembly.

  • Edge processing machines

    Edge processing machines

    IMA edge processing machines meet all requirements of current trends and innovations in the woodworking industries.
    Individuality in the choice of panel and edging materials as well as high performance in panel processing & edge processing are the No. 1 goal.
    Due to a broad range of machine types and concepts, no restrictions are put on the flexibility provided by IMA edge processing machines.

  • Throughfeed systems

    Throughfeed systems

    In over 50 years, IMA has again and again revolutionised the manufacturing process in the woodworking industry. Innovation is our tradition.  
    IMA develops competent tailor-made customer solutions for the segment of throughfeed systems.
    At the forefront of your industry through customer-oriented IMA concepts: IMA accompanies its customer from the initial business idea through implementation, to the continuous optimisation of the entire production process.
    This is made possible by highly qualified, motivated people who have gained considerable know-how over many years and continually benefit from further education and training.

  • CNC machining centres

    CNC machining centres

    The ›BIMA‹ C-frame series – the reliable future-oriented solution for cost-effective complete processing of furniture elements and interior design components. Small shops and industrial sites benefit from our intelligent machine concept which has been proving its strength for decades. The head assembly of a CNC machining centre, which may consist of up to two heads, can be specifically designed for all common operations such as sawing, routing, boring or edging banding.  Numerous adapter units are available to meet your individual production requirements.

    With the high-performance BIMA gantry machines, IMA has the optimal solution to respond to customer demands cost-effectively, flexibly, precisely and quickly. The tandem worktable allows partly simultaneous panel sizing and edge processing; that means, edge banding on the gantry front side and sizing, boring and fine finishing on the gantry back side can occur simultaneously. Synchronous processing of complex panel shapes and pendulum-type processing operations which reduce setup times enormously increase the productivity of a BIMA gantry machine.

  • High-volume lines

    High-volume lines

    Large batch production using IMA work cells: maximum productivity = minimum cost per part.
    IMA high-speed machine lines form the basis of many customer-specific fabrication concepts. Each of them matches the individual needs of the customer – from the raw panel to the ready-to-despatch furniture element.

  • Logistic systems

    Logistic systems

    The fascination of handling: that's really the secret why IMA-MEINERT can develop always new concepts of the most advanced production logistics for production logistics for the woodworking and furniture industry. For more than 40 years, IMA-MEINERT systems have helped increase your productivity, reduce your costs and enhance quality.

  • Large batch production

    Large batch production

    The performance and quality of the proven IMA high-volume lines are optimized on a continuous basis: in this process, the utilization rate, setup friendliness and production capacity are the essential parameters which set the benchmark for the innovative IMA work cells. For standardised carcases and RTA furniture, these cells form the professional basis of customer-specific individual fabrication concepts. IMA optimizes each work cell from the raw panel to the ready-to-despatch furniture element in order to achieve the required capacities.

  • Stationary systems

    Stationary systems

    Today, “IMA stationary systems” means utilizing the most advanced technology to pursue your individual production solution.

    Our competence in the areas of throughfeed, boring and handling & conveyor systems guarantees you dependable production, efficient material flow and a constantly high quality of work in all areas of your shop production.

  • Handling & transport technology

    Handling & transport technology

    ›The fascination of handling‹: that's really the secret why IMA-MEINERT can develop always new concepts of the most advanced production logistics for production logistics for the woodworking and furniture industry. For more than 40 years, IMA-MEINERT systems have helped increase your productivity, reduce your costs and enhance quality.
    IMA-MEINERT’s know-how guarantees for processing plants that operate intelligently and which are logically linked through the use of material flow control and stock management systems – both with stand-alone work cells and fully integrated lines of equipment.
    From task analysis through to the concept creation phase, IMA-MEINERT engineers – in cooperation with the customer – work out tailor-made solutions that will give you maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your entire production process.

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